Important changes to the SKF Oil Injection product portfolio

In the last 12 months we have been carefully looking at ways to modernize the MaPro Oil injection product portfolio to further improve product safety, performance and availability. 

During 2020, we will introduce a range of high pressure hoses, quick connection couplings and nipples as well as adapters for popular thread types. These items will form an essential part of our high pressure portfolio and enable new equipment to be developed and sold. 

The SKF High pressure pipe range has been in the oil injection product programme for many years. In recent years, we have had significant issues sourcing high quality steel pipe material and other components. This has caused disruption to SKF sales units, customers and end-users and therefore we will stop producing high pressure pipes at the end of 2020. In addition, and with immediate effect, we can no longer supply custom configurations and lengths of SKF High pressure pipes, only the standard types can be ordered. 

Towards the end of 2020, the 729101/300MPA and THKI 300 will be discontinued. They will be replaced by a manually operated 300 MPa (43500psi) hydraulic pump with a large oil reservoir connected to the application using a hose. The pump will be supplied  with a quick connection coupling and nipple, and adapters for the popular G1/4 and G3/4 threads. Other adapter sizes will also be available. An indication of the end-user price would be in the region of twice the price of the 729101/300MPA, in accordance with current market prices of similar solutions.

The air-driven oil injector sets, THAP 300/SK1 and THAP 400/SK1, will be updated to have a high pressure hose based solution, instead of the current high pressure pipe. This change is forecasted for late 2020. 

For customers currently using our best-selling oil injector kits and sets, namely the 729101/300MPA and THKI 300, we are developing a hose based accessory kit that will allow a 300 MPa hose to be used. The accessory kit should allow for a five year life extension to the kits and sets. 

The SKF Oil Injection Kit 400 MPa (729101/400MPA) and SKF Oil Injection Set 400 MPa (THKI 400) will be discontinued, as stocks of components will be exhausted within a short time. The alternative offer for the 729101/400MPA and THKI 400 will be the SKF Air-driven Oil Injector set THAP 400E/SK1.